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Vitakraft snacks

Vitakraft snacks are available for all pets: small and large. There are snacks for your cat and dog, but also for rodents, for example. Just like Uw Dierspecialist ChaNa, this brand acts from a passion for animals.

That is why the snacks only contain ingredients of the best quality. This way you can reward your pet in a healthy way. Provided you give them the snacks in moderation, of course, because too much pampering is never good.

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Give your pet a treat and buy Vitakraft snacks

Vitakraft snacks are sure to please your pet. Your animal specialist ChaNa from Rhoon has a heart for animals and that is why the snacks from Vitakraft and other renowned brands are included in our varied range.

We believe it is important that your pet receives food and snacks of the best quality. That's why we only sell animal care products from renowned brands. You can therefore contact us to buy products from Frama Best for Pets or rabbit food . We also offer rodent food.This is how you can buy Supreme Science Selective Rabbit from us . You benefit from an excellent price-quality ratio, so you never pay too much.

Choose from a wide range of Vitakraft products

In addition to Vitakraft snacks, you can also order various other products from this brand in our webshop and in the store in Rhoon, near Rotterdam. For example, you can buy Vitakraft Magic Clean from us . In our wide range you will certainly find what you are looking for: whether it is dog food or care products for cats . Would you like more information about Vitakraft snacks or do you need advice on a healthy and balanced diet for your pet? Then visit our store or contact us by calling 010 501 89 23 .

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